Saturday, July 10, 2010

Article today will touch and focus to know geography knowledge briefly or known as "ilmu alam" in malay.This geography very popular when past and in practice by admiral and warriors to ensure to they were in strategic place or known as "comfortable" zone, where it can help them achieve success.In China, this knowledge very popular to palace warlords and enlarger, this knowledge was named "WIND AND WATER KNOWLEDGE (Feng shui)". In advance, this knowledge so secret, only the high government or person standard are able to own it.If downline own this geography, they will be being punished BEHEAD!!! When Han dynasty period, they very worry if this knowledge are going to fall to public hand.Therefore they was created several flow lost to pass on this geography.Celebration on this knowledge very encouage until many public do not know which one real flow and flow lost.It had happen until today.Among popular Islamic figure which uses this knowledge was Ibnu Sina, when in Baghdad he wish to build a hospital, so him should be picking several locations that he visit. He has suspend fresh meat at every location. As a result was, if at one the meat location late rot, so the location will in choose to built hospital. This is because energy or Chi were in that area have better flow compared to other regions.


Malay people apply more geography to Win Or Lose purpose. In case referred to Malay old books, mostly it shows warrior ways to won the match, the warrior strategize where environment will side to that warrior. For example :

2 warriors going to fight in field when very hot day. Intelligence warrior will use geography to 'help' them to wins. How? That warrior should stand not facing the sun and let the sun behind him, so that adversary party will glare when fght with him. Although geography not 'promising' any victory but it effective in HELP to win that match!

On the other hand chinese use geography to achieve LUCK, HEALTH and WEALTH. They also uses same knowledge but by different way. They willing hire great Master in this geography to help them get what they want.

Thats all about geography.Maybe next time i will be share a few tips about geograpy.


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